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Gun Transfer Fees

$25 - Face To Face
Bring in the MA Compliant Firearm(s) that you are selling and we will do all state and federal paperwork, NICS background check (buyer) and transfer them for you.

Seller and Buyer must have a valid MA License To Carry (LTC) and PIN # to complete the transfer.

$25 - Outbound
Federal and state laws require that firearms purchased in Massachusetts (MA) by a Non-MA resident must be transferred to an FFL dealer in the buyers state. The reason for this is that a federal background check is required to complete the purchase.

Before the firearm can be shipped to an out-of-state FFL dealer, we will need the dealer's contact information to include:

-Signed Copy of Dealers FFL
-Phone number
-Fax number
-Shipping address (Please note we will not ship to non-FFL holders.)
-Plus any shipping, packaging, insurance and/or delivery services to the shipper

$35 - Inbound

This includes receiving/processing your firearm, filling out all applicable state and federal paperwork, completing a NICS background check and storage of the firearm until it is picked up.

Regarding handguns: Please call us to make sure that the item that you are bringing into MA is compliant with all laws and regulations. If it is not MA compliant, we will have to send it back.

Firearm must be picked up within 72 hours of delivery, or a storage fee of $1/day/per gun will apply.